2011-12 w-131 extra credit 2

2011-12 w-131 extra credit 2 - Some of these that you may...

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Dennis Uzar Sarah Hopfer W-131 8 December, 2011 Extra Credit 2 To whom it may concern, The program emma is an extremely innovative concept and I believe it holds much potential in the short future. There are many useful tools including many organizational benefits such as the calendar which shows all assignment due date’s different project folders to easily organize drafts, pre-writes, final copies etc… The option to make it viewable to the public or only privately between the instructor and student in a wonderful addition because it make for peer review sessions extremely convenient because no physical meeting is needed to exchange papers. However, as with many great programs in development there are of course some flaws.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of these that you may take into consideration are the basic navigability of the site and the user friendly status. I feel as though there are too many hoops to jump through if you want to complete a task. Also with user friendliness it is often difficult to type out papers on emma because it does time out without warning sometimes causing you to lose all work if you do not save very frequently. Also the editing features can act up, sometimes messing up the entire format of the paper or covering nearby sentences so the paper is even readable. Overall however I believe it is a great premise for a program. Best, Dennis Uzar...
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