2011-12 w-131 Paper 3 final

2011-12 w-131 Paper 3 final - Dennis Uzar Sarah Hopfer...

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Dennis Uzar Sarah Hopfer W-131 9 December, 2011 The Katrina Disaster Hurricane Katrina was an extremely important and influential time in American culture . During this time we see the rise of many great rallies which aided in the relief effort of Hurricane Katrina but we also see the chaos that ensued during the time of struggle . Two photographs from the Hurricane Katrina archive that both coincide well are the photographs of the refugees that are awaiting admittance into the superdome guarded by US military soldiers and the inside of the superdome in New Orleans completely empty with trash scattered everywhere . These two photographs display many interesting similarities and differences that are aimed at producing the same message of isolation to represent the Katrina disaster . Taking a look at the refugees awaiting admittance into the superdome, we see vectors formed by the hand rails. They form a conic shape leading to the guards stationed at the front of the line . This photograph was taken as a close range shot and portrays a social distance of a close up because the personal interaction the viewer feels from the immediate proximity to the people lying on the ground creates a sense of intimacy . The refugees are all wearing ragged and worn clothes seeing as most are comfortable lying on the ground . The superdome is the center of attention in this photograph with everything leading the eye to it; the dome takes up the width of the shot and the vectors made by the rails and rows of people leading to the guards also point to the massive superdome . The color saturation is rather low in this photo giving the feeling of a
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very sad day, as the viewer can tell it is daytime but there is no visible sunlight shining down anywhere . Similar to the previous photo is the interior view of the superdome completely emptied out with trash littering all corners of the field . The first thing the viewer sees when looking at this photo is the extremely bright beam of white light shining down from the ceiling . This may represent a beam of hope since all of the refugees have been evacuated out meaning it is safe enough to start rebuilding and begin a new life . The image provokes a mixture of sadness along with happiness because everyone has been cleared out so the danger is apparently gone. However, we still see three people sitting on their cots looking over something as if mourning all
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2011-12 w-131 Paper 3 final - Dennis Uzar Sarah Hopfer...

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