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claiming an education - legislature, again composed...

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Dennis Uzar 9 February 2011 Claiming an Education Response In Claiming an Education it is argued how women are seen as objects and tag-alongs waiting for some successful man to come and marry them so they could live their lives pretending to be nothing more than a housewife who takes care of the kids and doesn’t have the intelligence to keep up with the men. Throughout history men have decided what is important in all “major texts” “mainstream of Western thought” and “great issues”(9). These are all subjects that males have decided is important. While some of the facts that are proposed in Claiming an Education are completely valid and do describe how women were treated in the past, seen as lesser individuals not capable of higher forms of thinking. The author seems to be a radical feminist who utterly despises all men and berates them as much as possible in the article. The author states that “… a women’s college in a university administered overwhelmingly by men, who in turn are answerable to the state
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Unformatted text preview: legislature, again composed predominantly of men. (9) indicating that the author feels that since these programs and administrations are ran by men women will not get the education they deserve and the rights they deserve to break free of live society has choose for them. Although I agree that in the past women have been seen as lesser beings and not given equal opportunity as men but saying that since colleges specifically for women, which are designed to give an education equal to men are not good enough because they are ran by men is extremely unprofessional. Over the years women have made great strides in equality and in todays society are mainly seen as equal individuals with the same capabilities and same opportunities. The male professors who still feel that teaching in a womens college is a second rate career(10) as the article puts it, do treat all their students with respect otherwise there would be no reason to be teaching at an all-womens college....
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claiming an education - legislature, again composed...

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