Experiemnt 3 part a

Experiemnt 3 part a - Dennis Uzar C103 Lab 2/13/11 Erick...

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Dennis Uzar C103 Lab 2/13/11 Erick Pasciak Title: Identity of the White Powder - Part A Results and Discussion CSTs are widely used in forensic laboratories as a means of preliminary screening for suspected drugs or other illicit substances. They are used in the field for a variety of reasons but mostly for their inexpensive nature and ability to screen for a wide variety of drugs which helps investigators narrow down the possibilities. In addition to being cost efficient CSTs also save law enforcement agencies money because instead of testing each substance using a more advanced method, which costs a lot more, forensic analysts can use the narrowed down list of possible drugs the illicit substances could be, thus performing less tests to ultimately identify the substance. CSTs are chemical reactions that are induced by adding a chemical reagent to an unknown substance and watching for color change. Since more than one drug could produce the same color change, CSTs only indicate the possibility of a drug or certain class of drug present. Some reagents used for testing are: Marquis reagent which is used to test for opiates,
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Experiemnt 3 part a - Dennis Uzar C103 Lab 2/13/11 Erick...

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