FIN321 Assignment 1-12-12

FIN321 Assignment 1-12-12 - Emir Ibrahimovic FIN321-02...

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Emir Ibrahimovic FIN321-02 1/12/12 Federal Reserve System Every country has a central bank that helps finance the money for that country. The United States currently has the Federal Reserve System as its central bank. The Federal Reserve performs several duties such as conducting the nation’s monetary policy, regulating banking institutions, and preventing any risk in the financial markets. Most developed countries have a central bank and run similar to the Federal Reserve System, but every country has a different system. For example in the U.S. everything is overseen by the Congress and the overall objectives are also established by the government. The Federal Reserve controls the market by open market operations, reserve requirements, contractual clearing balances, and discount window lending. Some of their systems functions are operating a nationwide payment system and to regulate member banks and the bank holding companies. The main source of income that the Federal Reserve System has is from interest on U.S. government securities. This is mainly
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FIN321 Assignment 1-12-12 - Emir Ibrahimovic FIN321-02...

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