Assignment # 1 Target Market Final

Assignment # 1 Target Market Final - MKT 350 Assignment # 1...

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350 Assignment # 1 Target MKT Complete ALL Sections 1.) Identify your Primary Market, complete ALL the sections and information, then present the Secondary Market Information. If you are manufacturing a product which will be sold to a retailer, make sure you identify the type of store you will sell to and then give examples. (Example: Discount: Target). 2.) Geographic: Location- State, City 3.) Demographics. All factors which are listed in the document below must be identified. Use Prof’s document/Blackboard. 4.) Psychographic: Use the document posted to Blackboard. Select three options under each AIO and give a specific example. Examples: Activities: work = Engineers, Vacation = warm climates, Entertainment = Enjoy movies) 5.) Behavioristic: Use document posted to Blackboard. State a specific example for each category listed. (Examples: Needs: functional, Thoughts: positive individual) You must keep in mind YOUR product and YOUR audience. 6.) After completing all sections, Specify needs of Primary and Secondary Markets, when considering your product (there will possibly be differences between the two groups…. A few sentences). 7).
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Assignment # 1 Target Market Final - MKT 350 Assignment # 1...

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