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hw4 - L G 2(Sudkamp 3.4 page 83 Let DT be the derivation...

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MCS4653, Theory of Computation Homework Assignment 4, Due 10/6/03 Name Student ID Page 1 1. (Sudkamp 3.3 page 82-3) Let G be the grammar S SAB | λ A aA | a B bB | λ a) Give a leftmost derivation of abbaab . b) Give two leftmost derivations of aa . c) Build the derivation tree for the derivations in part(b). d) Give a regular expression for
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Unformatted text preview: L ( G ). 2. (Sudkamp 3.4 page 83) Let DT be the derivation tree a a A A a A b B B S a) Give a leftmost derivation that generates the tree DT . b) Give a rightmost derivation that generates the tree DT . c) How many different derivations are there that generate DT ? Explain your answer....
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