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MCS4653, Theory of Computation Homework Assignment 11, Due 11/26/03 Name Student ID Page 1 (Sudkamp 9.3 pages 291-2) Construct a Turing machine with the input alphabet { a,b } to perform each of the following operations. Note that the tape head is scanning position zero in state q f whenever the computation terminates. a) Move the input one space to the right. Input configuration q 0 BuB , result
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Unformatted text preview: q f BBuB . b) Concatentate a copy of the reversed input string to the input. Input configuration q BuB , result q f Buu R B . c) Insert a blank between each of the input symbols. For example, input configuration q BabaB , result q f BaBbBaB . d) Erase the b ’s from the input. For example, input configuration q BbabaababB , result q f BaaaaB ....
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