vg9 - The three sections are basic demographic background...

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EEX 2000 Independent Activity #9: Ending the Silence Response Sheet Name: Group #: Answer the following questions referring to Ending the Silence . 1. The authors cited a number of reasons that people with disabilities are victimized at a higher rate than individuals in the general population. What are two of those reasons? Researchers say that people with disabilities often don't have the ability to make effective decisions about engaging in particular activities, understanding of the assaults or their rights, or the ability to protect themselves in the situations. Another reason is that people with disabilities might feel valued within abusive relationships and therefore do not feel that the relationships are abusive. 2. What are the three sections included in the survey used in this study?
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Unformatted text preview: The three sections are basic demographic background and experienced crime or abuse, experiences of specific crimes and abuses, and respondents' reporting behavior and how they were affected by the crime and abuse. 3. A number of factors were found to have no statistical impact on victimization. List 2 of those factors. Association between age and victimization and education and income level were not found to have significant associations with victimization. 4. What were the two crimes did respondents experience most often? They are theft and being threatened with physical harm. 5. What three groups of people did respondents report most frequently as the perpetrators of the crimes against them? The three groups are professionals/staff, personal assistants and teachers....
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vg9 - The three sections are basic demographic background...

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