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Unformatted text preview: Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Weekly Schedule (Week 7) Preparation for Class Week 7 Oct.3 (Getuyoobi) Review: JSL 4A CC 4. p. 84 New: JSL 4A CC 5. p. 84 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 4A CC 5 p. 86 (2) Read SP 6 pp. 93-4 Requests: Verbal Gerunds Sore, misete kudasai. 'Show me that (please).’ Oct.4 (Kayoobi) (3) Memorize JSL 4A CC 5 (4) Practice 4A Drills FIU (5) JSL 3C Utilizations 11-15 (pp.82-3) Prepare the answers for assigned Utilizations (6) JWL Lesson 4B Abbreviated Forms pp.76-83 Review: JSL 4A CC 5. p. 84 New: Application Exercises pp.98-9 (1) (2) (3) (4) Rememorize all the CCs in Lesson 4A Read Application Exercises pp.98-9 and perform in class. Practice 4A Drills GRT JSL 3C Utilizations 16-20 (p.83) Prepare the answers for assigned Utilizations (5) JWL Lesson 4C pp.84-90 Writing practice in class Oct.5 (Suiyoobi) Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 4B New: JSL 4B CC 1 p. 99 Syukudai (Homework) DUE Quiz (1) 4A CC 5 Drills FIU (WAL) (2) JWL 4 Workbook Exercises 4.5-6 (1) 4A Drills GRT (WAL) (2) JWL 4 Workbook Exercises 4.12- 4.15 (Go to BB>Asgmt> JWL) 4B CC 1 Drills AB (WAL) (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 4B CC 1 pp. 101-2 (2) Read SP1 Classifiers pp.102-3 ippon, ni-hon, san-bon, etc. issatu, ni-satu, san-satu, etc. iti-mai, ni-mai, san-mai, etc. Katakana quiz through JWL Lesson 4 (3) Read SP2 Extent pp.103 X o san-mai kudasai. 'Give me three X.' Oct.6 (Mokuyoobi) (4) Memorize JSL 4B CC 1 (5) Practice JSL 4B Drills AB (6) Review Katakana through Lesson 4 for the quiz Review: JSL 4B CC 1 p. 99 New: JSL 4B CC 2 p. 99 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 4B CC 21 p. 102 (2) Read SP 3 pp. 103-4 The konna series (3) Read SP 4 pp. 104-5 Clause Particles kedo, and ga X to Y, arimasu ka? 'Do you have X and Y?' X wa arimasu kedo, Y wa arimasen. 'X we have, but Y we don't have.’ Continued on next page. 4B CC 2 Drills CDJ (WAL) Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 (4) Memorize JSL 4B CC 2 (5) Practice JSL 4B Drills CDJ (6) Introducing Yomikaki-tyoo (YKT) Lesson 4 し ー き (pp.1-5) Oct.7 (Kinyoobi) Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 4B Extra Credit! All the sections will meet at RCK 374 today! Watch the Japanese drama; “Yamada Taro Monogatari” You will receive 12 points for coming today. You may come to any section you would like. NOTE: (1) The Midterm Exam is scheduled for Week 9! Oral Exam: Monday, Oct. 17 and Tuesday, Oct. 18 Midterm Exam (Grammar / Reading・Writing/ Listening comprehension through Lesson 4) will be on Tuesday, Oct. 18 in lecture (2) JSL 4 C Eavesdroppings are due by midnight on Monday, Oct. 17 on line. ...
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