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Unformatted text preview: Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Weekly Schedule (Week 11) Preparation for Class Week 11 Oct.31 New: JSL 6A CC 1 p. 135 げつ よう び (月曜日) 11 月1日 じゅういちがつ ついたち か よう び (火曜日) 11 月 2 日 じゅういちがつ ふつか すい よう び (水曜日) 11 月 3 日 じゅういちがつ みっか もく よう び (木曜日) (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6A CC 1 p. 137 (2) Read SP 1 p. 138 Phrases and Compounds (3) Read SP 2 pp. 138-9 The こちら series こちら this one (of two), this side of the conversation, ie, me (polite) こちらのほう this side, this alternative, this way (4) Memorize JSL 6A CC 1 (5) Practice JSL 6A Drills ABC (6) YKT writing Practice in class Review: JSL 6A CC 1 p. 135 New: JSL 6A CC 2 p. 135 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6A CC 2 p. 137 (2) Read SP 5 pp. 140 Patterns of Location: Phrase-Particle に X は Y にあります。‘X is located in/at Y.’ X は Y です。‘X is Y.’ (loose use of です: X has some relation to Y which is obvious from the context and needn’t be stated. (3) Read SP 6 p. 141 Multiple Praticles このへんにあります。‘It is located in this area.’ このへんにはありませんねえ。 'I’m afraid it is not located in this area.’ (4) Memorize JSL 6A CC 2 (5) Practice 6A Drills DFJ Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Grammar quiz through JSL 5AB Introducing: Lesson 6A Review: JSL 6A CC 2 p. 135 New: JSL 6A CC 3 p. 135 (1) Read SP 3 p. 139 Place Wordさき s すこ (2) Read SP 4 pp. 140 もう少し先 (3) Memorize JSL 6A CC 3 (4) Practice JSL 6A Drills GHN よ か ちょう (5) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 ふりがな へーぬ pp. 28-30 Review: JSL 6A CC 3 p. 135 New: JSL 6A CC 4 p. 135 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) JSL 6A CC 4 p. 138 (2) Memorize JSL 6A CC 4 (3) Practice JSL 6A Drills EKL Continued on next page. Homework DUE Quiz (1) 6A CC1 and Drills ABC (WAL) (2) YKT Workbook Lesson 5 (3) JSL 5C Eavesdroppings are due by midnight tonight. 6A CC 2 and Drills DFJ (WAL) Lis.Comp. quiz Grammar quiz (JSL 5AB) 6A CC 3 and Drills GHN (WAL) YKT Quiz Lesson 5 6A CC 4 and Drills EKL (WAL) Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 (4) Introducing naming dates; Memorize 1st day to third. ついたち(一日) the first day of the month. ふつか(二日)the second. (c.f. ふたつ(二つ)) みっか(三日)the third (c.f.みっつ(三つ)) よ 11 月 4 日 じゅういちがつ よっか きん よう び (金曜日) か ちょう (5) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 Reading Practice AB p. 35 Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 6A NOTE: Starting with JSL 6, Grammar Exams will be in Japanese orthography. An increased use of Japanese orthography in lecture will start next week. Review: JSL 6A New: JSL 6B CC 1 p. 146 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6B CC 1 pp. 147-8 (2) Read SP 1 pp. 149-150 The ここ series とうきょう 東 京 の どこですか。'Where in Tokyo is it?' 東京は どこですか。'Where is Tokyo?' (3) Read SP 2 pp. 150-1 でしょう たか 高いでしょう。 'It's probably expensive.' (4) Memorize JSL 6B CC 1 (5) Practice JSL 6A Drill O and 6B Drills AB (6) Memorize the fourth day; よっか(よっか) (c.f. よっつ) よ か ちょう かん じ (7) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 漢字 8-11 pp. 31-2. NOTE: Japanese Starlets FREE screenings @Willard Straight Theatre at 4:30pm “Yunagi City Sakura Country “ Thurs, Nov. 3rd 6A Drill O and 6B CC 1 and Drills AB (WAL) ...
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