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1101 week12 - Cornell University Japanese 1101 Fall 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Weekly Schedule (Week 12) Preparation for Class Week 12 11 月7日 じゅういちがつ なのか げつ よう び (月曜日) Review: JSL 6B CC 1 p. 146 New: JSL 6B CC 2 p. 146 (1) (2) (3) (4) か よう び (火曜日) すい よう び (水曜日) か ちょう かん じ (5) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 漢字 12-15 pp. 33-4. Review: JSL 6B CC 2 p. 146 New: JSL 6B CC 3 p. 146 6B CC 3 and Drills DEH (WAL) (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6B CC 3 p. 137 (2) Read SP 3 かねぇ 高(たか)いでしょうねぇ。 'It's probably expensive, isn't it!' 高(たか)いでしょうかねぇ。 'I (too) wonder if it's expensive.' (3) Memorize JSL 6B CC 3 (4) Practice 6B ドリル DEH (5) Memorize; the eighth. ようか(八日) the eighth (c.f. やっつ(八つ)) よ 11 月 9 日 じゅういちがつ ここのか 6B CC 2 and Drills CKL (WAL) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6B CC 2 p. 148 Memorize JSL 6B CC 2 Practice JSL 6A ドリル(Drills) CKL Memorize fifth to seventh. いつか(五日) the fifth (c.f. いつつ(五つ)) むいか(六日)the sixth (c.f. むっつ(六つ)) なのか(七日)the seventh (c.f. ななつ(七つ)) よ 11 月 8 日 じゅういちがつ ようか Homework DUE か ちょう (6) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 Reading Practices C p. 35 Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 6B Review: JSL 6B CC 3 p. 146 New: JSL 6B CC 4&5 p. 146 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 6B CC 4&5 p. 137 (2) Read SP 2 でしょう again X でしょう。'It's probably X.' (Period intonation!) X でしょうか。 'I wonder if it's X. Do you suppose it's X?' (period inton.) X でしょう?'It's X, right?' (Question intonation!) X でしょうねぇ。'It's probably X, isn't it!' X でしょうね?'It's probably X, right?' (3) Memorize JSL 6B CC 4&5 (4) Practice JSL 6B ドリル FGJ (5) Memorize; the ninth. ここのか(九日) the ninth (c.f. ここのつ(九つ)) よ か ちょう (6) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 Reading Practices D p. 36 6B CC 4 & 5 and Drills FGJ(WAL) Quiz Cornell University 11 月 10 日 じゅういちがつ とうか もく よう び (木曜日) Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Review: JSL 6 A/B New: JSL 6 Utilizations, nos. 1-27, pp.155-6 (1) JSL6C Utilizations; Prepare the answers. (2) Memorize; the tenth. とおか(十日) the tenth (c.f. とお(十)) よ 11 月 11 日 じゅういちがつ じゅういちにち きん よう び (金曜日) 6C Utilizations (WAL) か ちょう (3) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 Reading Practices E p. 37 Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 6B/Introducing Lesson 7A New: JSL 7A CC 1 p. 158 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7A CC 1 pp. 160-1 (2) Read SP 1 a. p. 162 Place nominal X まで predicate Y X まで行(い)きます。'(I) will go up to / as far as X.' X までします '(I) will do it as far as / up to X.' (3) Read SP 2 p. 163 verbal Gerund + きます X まで行(い)ってきます。 '(I) will go as far as X and come back.' (4) Memorize JSL 7A CC 1 (5) Practice JSL 7A ドリル AF NOTE: (1) Hand in Workbook for Lesson 6 on Monday (Nov. 14th) in section. (2) YKT Quiz on Tuesday (Nov. 15th) in section. (3) JSL 6C Eavesdropping submission is due by midnight on Wednesday (Nov. 16th). (4) Eavesdropping quiz will be on Thursday (Nov. 17th) in section. 7A CC 1 and Drills AF (WAL) ...
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