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Unformatted text preview: Cornell University Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Weekly Schedule (Week 13) Preparation for Class Week 13 11 月 14 日 じゅういちがつ じゅうよっか げつ よう び (月曜日) 11 月 15 日 じゅういちがつ じゅうごにち か よう び (火曜日) 11 月 16 日 じゅういちがつ じゅうろくにち すい よう び (水曜日) Review: JSL 7A CC 1 p. 158 New: JSL 7A CC 2 p. 158 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7A CC 2 p. 161 (2) Read SP 1 b. p. 162 Place nominal X に/へ predicate Y X に/へ行(い)きます。'(I) will go to X.' (3) Read SP 3. p. 164 Polite Requests:くださいませんか。 買(か)ってくださいませんか。 'Won't you please buy it for me?' (4) Memorize JSL 7A CC 2 (5) Practice JSL 7A Drills BGH (6) Memorize the fourteenth; じゅうよっか(十四日) (c.f. よっか (the forth)) (7) Dictation practice YKT Through Lesson 6 Review: JSL 7A CC 2 p. 158 New: JSL 7A CC 3 p. 158 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7A CC 3 p. 161 (2) Read SP 4 Animate Location います そこにいます。'(S/he) is located there.' そこにあります。 '(It) is located there.' (3) Read SP 5 Politeness: In-group/Out-group います/いらっしゃいます↑/おります↓ (4) Memorize JSL 7A CC 3 Practice 7A Drills IJK (5) 読み書き帳 Lesson 6 Reading Comprehension Exercise (p. 37) Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 7A Review: JSL 7A CC 3 p. 158 New: JSL 7A CC 4 p. 158 (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7A CC 4 p. 161 (2) Read SP 1 c. pp. 162-3 Place nominal X で predicate of activity Y X で書(か)きました。'(I) wrote it there.' (i.e. I was standing there [e.g. at the bank] when I wrote it. ) X に書(か)きました。'(I) wrote it down there.' (i.e. onto that surface, that paper). (3) Memorize JSL 7A CC 4 (4) Practice JSL 7A Drills CDE よ か ちょう (5) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 7 #16 1-3 p.37/ Reading Practices AB p. 36 Homework DUE Quiz (1) 7A CC 2 and Drills BGH (WAL) (2) YKT Workbook Lesson 6 (3) JSL 6C Eavesdroppings are due by midnight tonight. (1) 7A CC 3 and Drills IJK (WAL) (2) YKT (p.37) write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and hand it in. Lis.Comp. quiz through Lesson 6 7A CC 4 and Drills CDE (WAL) YKT Quiz Lesson 6 Cornell University 11 月 17 日 じゅういちがつ じゅうしちにち もく よう び (木曜日) Japanese 1101, Fall 2011 Review: JSL 7A CC 4 p. 158 New: JSL 7B CC 1 p. 170 7B CC 1 and Drills ABC (WAL) (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7B CC 1 pp. 173-4 (2) Read SP 1 Verbal with ましょう p. 175 書(か)きましょう。 ‘Let’s write it.’ OR ‘Why don’t I write it?’ 書(か)きましょうか? ‘Shall we/I write it?’ (3) Memorize JSL 7B CC 1 (4) Practice JSL 7B Drills ABC よ 11 月 18 日 じゅういちがつ じゅうよっか きん よう び (金曜日) か ちょう (5) 読み書き 帳 Lesson 6 Reading Practices CD pp. 42-3 Lecture: 3:35-4:25 Lesson 7B Remember all the grammar quizzes will be in Japanese orthography! Review: JSL 7B CC 1 p. 170 New: JSL 7B CC 2 p. 170 Grammar quiz (JSL 6AB) 7B CC 2 AND Drills DE (WAL) (1) Read Miscellaneous Notes (MN) 7B CC 1 p. 174 (2) Read SP 2 a. p. 176 Nominal X で predicate Y タクシーで行きました。'(I) went by taxi.' 歩(ある)いていきました。 ‘(I) went walking.’ OR ‘(I) went on foot.’ (3) Memorize JSL 7B CC 2 (4) Practice JSL 7B Drills DE NOTE: Final Exams Oral Interview; December 1 (Thursday) or December 2 (Friday). Written Exams: Saturday, December 10, 9:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m@Malott Hall 228-Bache Aud ...
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