10.21- Slavery and Abolitionism

10.21- Slavery and Abolitionism - Slavery and Abolitionism...

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10/21/08 Slavery and Abolitionism Dimensions of slavery -population in the south, 1850- 12 million -1/3 (3.5-4 million) is black -worked mainly in plantations, especially after 1794 -invention of the cotton gin -nearly 200 000 work in urban factories -majority of whites in the south did not own slaves -only about 5% are slave owners -88% of those owned 10 or less slaves -cost of prime slave field hand in 1860- $1800 -increased with the price of production of cotton -250 000 free blacks in the South -handful of black slave-owners -in the North, about 2% of the population was black -Pennsylvania outlaws slavery in 1780 -NH, CT, and RI soon follow -NY not until 1799, NJ not until 1846 -4 western states banned Free Blacks from entering their state -1860- a referendum to give free blacks the vote was shot down I. Slavery and the American Revolution -Samuel Johnson -ridicules the hypocrisy of America -fundamental paradox between Lockean rights of the American Revolution and the institution of slavery -Thomas Jefferson -condemns “slavery” in the original draft of the Declaration -struck out due to the opposition of planters in the south and merchants in the north -Patrick Henry -writes that slavery is repugnant and at odds with religion -the existence of Slavery in the colonies gave the revolutionaries an example of the servitude they feared from England -it was their nightmare that British policy would enslave them
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10.21- Slavery and Abolitionism - Slavery and Abolitionism...

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