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10.23- Slavery Defended

10.23- Slavery Defended - Slavery Defended-Many southerners...

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10/23/08 Slavery Defended -Many southerners prior to the 1830’s were embarrassed by the institution of slavery -view it as evil -assume it would be eliminated eventually -2 events harden the southern viewpoint on slavery -Nat Turner slave rebellion in 1830 -widespread creation of abolitionism in the North in the 1830’s -result in an aggressive defense of slavery as a positive good -a superior moral arrangement -p606- “anti-slavery agitation has produced one happy effect…” -more than any other group in American history, the Southern apologists reject the Lockean and puritan-based ideal and school of thought I. The Argument from Scripture -God gets invoked by both sides -St. Paul, Old & New Testament II. The Sociological Argument A. Hammond and the “Mud Sill” Theory -articulates a social law in which all civilizations need a “mud sill” -p647- “The greatest strength of the south arises from…” -all great civilizations must be based on a class of people who do all the work and drudgery -p648- “…requires but a low intellect…”
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