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11-06-08[1] - rational for each of us to seek a contract...

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Hobbes and Kant o Kant, writing later than Hobbes, took himself to be disagreeing with Hobbes about a number of central issues concerning the nature of morality, but there are also interesting points of similarity o We are now in a position to compare and contrast a few central ideas that we find in Hobbes and Kant Recall the Hobbes believed that we are roughly equal in power in the state of nature (since, as animals, we are roughly the same) and this makes it
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Unformatted text preview: rational for each of us to seek a contract that will end the serious warning that will otherwise ruin our lives (as we must compete for limited goods if we lack such a contract) Kant moves away from a focus on equality in power that makes it rational for us to form a contract to the recognition of equality in worth, grounded in the fact that we are all rational beings....
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