11.18- Progressivism II

11.18- Progressivism II - 11/18/08 Progressivism II I....

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11/18/08 Progressivism II I. Teddy Roosevelt- concluded -Crowley, Roosevelt’s source of preeminence -“national policy” -insistence on paying attention to the national interest -calls for the state to represent the national interest -expansion of the role of government -p1094- number of times the word “national” is mentioned -not socialist, but nationalist -socialists are interested in the international rather than the national -p1085- “nationality is a great political and social idea…” -“it builds the loyal national service…” -looks to the nation as the embodiment of American purpose, rather than Jefferson’s ideals -Foreign Policy -“Walk softly and carry a big stick” -big stick = American imperialism -Teddy Roosevelt is a Progressive Imperialist -Progressive Imperialism -reasserts the national interests of the national government in the world sphere -make the US powerful, feared, and respected -heroism of nationalist purpose in an expansionist foreign policy -Occupations and Invasions of Central America by American soldiers or business -Roosevelt sees the foreign policy in gender terms -New Nationalism is a manly and virile revolt against the feminine interests of business* *The timid man, the lazy man, the man who distrusts his country, the over-civilized man, who has lost the great fighting, masterful virtues, the ignorant man, and the man of dull mind, whose soul is incapable of feeling the mighty lift that thrills "stern men with empires in their brains"—all these, of course, shrink from seeing the nation undertake its new duties; shrink from seeing us build a navy and an army adequate to our needs; shrink from seeing us do our share of the world's work, by bringing order out of chaos in the great, fair tropic islands from which the valor of our soldiers and sailors has driven the Spanish flag. These are the men who fear the strenuous life, who fear the only national life which is really worth leading. They believe in that cloistered life which saps the hardy virtues in a nation, as it saps them in the individual; or else they are wedded to that
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11.18- Progressivism II - 11/18/08 Progressivism II I....

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