11.25- The New Deal

11.25- The New Deal - 11/25/08 The New Deal I. FDR and the...

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11/25/08 The “New Deal” I. FDR and the Depression -FDR the man -born into an aristocratic Dutch NY family -cousin of Teddy Roosevelt -educated at Harvard -becomes editor of the Harvard Crimson, adopted initials FDR -went to Columbia Law -reform Senator of NY -FDR becomes assistant secretary of the Navy under Wilson -runs for VP in 1920, loses -struck with polio in 1921 -out of the public light from 1921-1928 -most Americans never knew FDR was crippled -1932- Democratic nominee for president against Hoover -one of the great American turning point election -Great Depression Platform -offers action, but no course of action -tries “bold experimentation” to see what will work -pragmaticism -platform of optimism -things could be done and should be done other than “belt- tightening” II. Herbert Hoover’s Social Thought -Hoover was an engineer -directed war-relief effort in Europe after WWI -made secretary of commerce in the 1920s -elected president in 1928 -ideas summed up in “Rugged Individualism” campaign speech, p 1137 -p1138- “…choice between rugged individualism and European…” -“when the Republican party came to power…” -echoes of Locke throughout the speech -linkage of state planning and totalitarian government -p1139- “every step of democratizing…cramp and cripple…” -American ideal of equal opportunity -p1140- “American system…land of opportunity” -1922- American Individualism -Hoover talks about equality of opportunity -p1134- “stimulate the effort of each individual” -“race of life” -“it is as if we set a race…free and universal education…winner is he shows the most conscientious ability training and character”
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11.25- The New Deal - 11/25/08 The New Deal I. FDR and the...

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