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11/1/10 –Phil. Term for Today: - Scholasticism the method of doing philosophy prominent in medieval education. - Medieval Philosophy - Substance - Compatibilism - Incompatibilism Why does Feldman argue that Spinoza, not Descartes, is the first modern philosopher? How does Spinoza’s understanding, of god differ from the Judeo-Christian tradition? Is Spinoza a pantheist? HW: Wed: p. 31-52, 57-62 Questions: What is Spinoza’s argument that there is only one substance? What is his argument against teleology? Friday: p.63-72 plus propositions 19-29 and 38 Monday: In part 3: 102-111, in part 4: 152-155 and propositions 7-9, 14-18, 24-26, 33-40, 67 Wednesday: Part 5 Meditations on first philosophy - Skeptical Method - Cogito ergo sum – I think therefore I am - God exists – gods existence is necessary o God is all perfect o Existence is a perfection o God exists – ontological argument study of being a essence o Rationalist o Substance dualism Cartesian Dualism Thinking things – mind, can not touch, not in space and time. Tri-angle is above human being will always exist Extending things Human beings have minds and bodies, they interact, when we experience something in the body we experience it in the mind. How can the mind touch? How can the body affect something that is possible Medieval Philosophers: St. Augustine Anselm (ontological argument) Aquinas Maimonides Avicenna - Islamic philosopher Averroes - Islamic philosopher Devine attributes – all good, knowing, powerful
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11_1_10 - phil - 11/1/10 Phil. Term for Today: -...

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