09-02-08[1] - Big Questions o How should I live o What...

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Big Questions… o How should I live? o What principals should I follow? o What is morally right/wrong? o What is good/bad? o What makes certain acts right/wrong? God tells us in some way? What about non-religious people? Smaller Questions o Is abortion immoral? Is it wrong to eat meat? Ethics considers what could be… o It is important to distinguish between the way the world is, and ways the world could be in the future, or could’ve been in the past. o Let’s not confuse what is the case with what ought to be the case o One thing that is the case is that people have various moral opinions about what ought to be the case; very often, these opinions also ought to be different than they are. Ethics Requires Critical Thinking o We all have opinions, but it is important to get beyond merely expressing our opinions o We must have reasoned arguments for our views and submit them to critical reflection Ethics Is Part Of Philosophy o Philosophy = a field of study concerned with distinguishing between god and bad arguments o Philosophers pursue clarity and rigor in arguments for a reason-most reliable for arriving at truth. o VALID ARGUMENT – if the premises are true, the conclusion MUST be true o Good arguments = truth because they are truth preserving and they take us from
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09-02-08[1] - Big Questions o How should I live o What...

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