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1/22/09 AGB notes Food-Past and Future -Wheat, Peas and Olives were domesticated 10,500 years ago -Almost all domestication, plant and animal, stopped about 4,500 years ago -Therefore, generally speaking almost all foods consumed in the 21 st century are genet- ically modified What is a food(scientifically)? -Food is a substance usually composed primarily of carbohydrates, fats, water, and/or protein, may contain vitamins and and/or minerals, usually eaten or drunk for nutrition or pleasure. (wikipedia) -Nutrition is the provision to cells or organisms of materials necessary to support life. (wikipedia) -Diet is what you eat (wikipedia) What is a food(psychologically and philosophically)? -Food is personal-it is consumed -Food is sensual-it is appealing -Food is intimate-it becomes a part of you -Food is emotional -Food is your friend-source: consolation and reward
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Unformatted text preview: -Food is your enemy-source: calories and allergies-Food is a necessity-life is impossible without it Origin of new food(products) Food Scientist: product should appeal to consumer, be convenient to prepare, pose no health risk, enhance gustatory experience, possess market appeal and retail at a reas-onable price Consumer: should be innovative and unique, traditional in appearance, easy to pre-pare, contain a healthy aspect, consumable without concern about calories or other de-leterious effects and inexpensive New foods: The Triumph of Trial and Error-Crayons are good, but bad-Medicine flavor is bad, but good Constraints on New Food Development-Health Concerns/Risks Real-Allergies Perceived-organic vs non-organic-Market Concerns Cost of ingredients Availability of commodity Value perception...
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ag1_22_09 - -Food is your enemy-source: calories and...

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