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agEnvironmental Citizenship

agEnvironmental Citizenship - o :participation...

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Environmental Citizenship o Command-and-control has limited success in changing behaviour in the long term   there needs to be more bottom-up work involving communities: participation  means the development of rights and responsibilities (of both citizens &  authorities) o Environmental citizenship is an alternative policy approach towards  environmental sustainability   as well as legislation and economic incentives o The Environment Agency describes environmental citizenship as: ‘looking beyond the satisfaction of our immediate interests to the well-being of the wider  community/environment, while being mindful of the needs of future generations’ o Citizenship is about rights and responsibilities between members of a society, and  between the society and the state (or authorities) o Citizenship is about behaviour and the beliefs behind the behaviour (action &  intention) o 3 sections to environmental citizenship: Private rights Private responsibilities Collective action (essential as individuals have negligible  impact) o There are links between environmental citizenship and improved environments  environmental citizenship involves making choices that are environmentally  sound and sustainable o
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