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agFire_and_Rangeland_Ecosystems - serotinous cones 5 What...

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1 True / False According to the article, fire can have an infinite number of effects on a range ecosystem. true 2 True / False The effect of fire on the abiotic components of a range ecosystem is usually determined by fire intensity and fire residence time. true 3 The term fire regime is used in this article. Please go to the following web site: http://www.nps.gov/archive/seki/snrm/snrm_fire/fire.htm . Paraphrase the definition for fire regime given near the start of the article. D escribes the patterns of fire occurrence, size, and severity in a given area or ecosystem. 3 What is a serotinous cone? What species is given as an example of this type of cone?   A serotinous cone is a cone that may be opened by the heat of fire thus allowing the cone to release  its seeds (lodgepole pine) 4 Complete this list of factors that explain the response of the plant community to fire: Germination, Rapid growth , Fire Resistant bark and foliage , adventitious or latent axillary buds, and
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Unformatted text preview: serotinous cones. 5 What factor often determines the effect of fire on wildlife and livestock? the effect of fire on livestock and wildlife is primarily determined by the plant response to fire. Small mammals tend to be most affected by fire due to their reliance on small home sizes (limited mobility for escape) 6 As the article explains, erosion is one of the more significant indirect impacts of fire. List 4 factors that may determine the extent of erosion after a fire. Overall, all factors including slope steepness, vegetation recovery time, the amount of residual litter and duff and climatic factors such as the timing, intensity, and amount of precipitation interact with one another and determine a site’s susceptibility to erosion. 7 What two thick barked trees are said to be relatively resistant to low or moderate fire intensities? as Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine...
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