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Gender-Technology Nexus (Wong, 2009) It is popular for governments and NGO’s to see technological fixes as a solution to eminent climate change. Case study: Solar home systems in Bangladesh i Fishing Village Advantages: o Extends time that activities can be carried out women can pursue income- generating activities & children can learn (men tended to socialise & go to bed early because they were tired) Disadvantages: o Puts more work on already tired women o When households cannot pay, they are disconnected from the system electricity is becoming a status symbol o During decision-making and management, there are gender inequalities (even when women are included) because male decisions are superior and women undermine their own power (e.g. they believe men are better communicators, so
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Unformatted text preview: should be the community spokesmen) A post-implementation study showed that a couple of years after the project was initiated, 56/70 households were disconnected they had been unable to pay (because it required monthly instalments but fishing is a seasonal job and there is no saving culture). This suggests the project was economically unsustainable.---It is important not to consider all women as victims and all men as perpetrators: they are not homogenous groups. Not all women are powerless and not all men are powerful. There may also be paradoxes, where powerful women may undermine other women. Power is context and culture specific....
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