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Geology 211 Midterm Exam Equations -explain the equations and what each of the letters in the equation mean -Reynolds number, sheer size, shear stress, manning’s equation -slope, internal friction, ratios between sheer strength and sheer stress Hillslope-how much material is available for transport, how much weathering is going on, what is available to move it (precipitation and runoff on surface) Transport limited -more material available on surface than process to movement. More sediment that it can transport. Wet environment-weathering is rapid, mantle of material sitting on surface Weather limited -high rates of transport for all the material and it all gets removed from the slope No nitrogen cycle Basic ideas of Lithosphere-tectonics affect landscapes?
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Unformatted text preview: Atmosphere-climate system impacts weathering? Example of biological processes control landscape changes? Beaver dam Organic decay producing acidity in soils Woody debris can produce dams Soil horizons-asphodic horizons Saprolite-deep weathering horizon where rock of some kind has been weathered progressively overtime. Thick weathered horizon to chemically altered soil. Every saprolite is a C horizon but not vice versa Rill-cm in width and depth, shallow and narrow, A and B horizons Gully-meters in width and depth, wider and deeper, B and C horizons pH-electrical measure of the charge balance present in a setting. How oxidizing or reducing the environment is...
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