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assignment 1[1] - Writing Assignment #1 1) Threats to the...

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Writing Assignment #1 1) Threats to the Dell Company come from other technology companies, such as HP and Apple. These companies have improved their market share and sales, while Dell has slowly declined, not being able to reach their fourth quarter earnings and sales numbers. Additionally, these companies use a retail sales system, while Dell operates under a direct sales structure. With Michael Dell stepping in as the new CEO, the company will also face the challenge of a leader who has been slightly out of practice of running an entire company. The dynamic leadership position that was shared between Dell and Rollins, referred to as a “two-in-a-box” management structure, was broken up by Dell himself. Dell wanted to control the company by himself, showing that in the future he may not be open to others’ ideas. In addition to all of this, Dell has been facing problems in its core corporate strategy, specifically in customer service, quality and the effectiveness of the direct sales model. Opportunity can be found in the alliances with EMC, Microsoft and Intel. These companies have a positive relationship with Dell that promises customers high quality technology. Dell is also broadening their business overseas, growing faster than any competitors in China, India, Brazil and Russia. Dell recognizes in his letter to shareholders that the company fell short in terms of financial results, and states his
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assignment 1[1] - Writing Assignment #1 1) Threats to the...

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