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assignment 6[1] - Assignment #6 1) Westside Health Systems...

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Assignment #6 1) Westside Health Systems’ responsibility as the employer in this case is to take reasonable care in hiring, training and assignment of employees to jobs. (Bohlander & Snell) They must also operate the business and provide a safe environment for the employee, and ensure they operate in an effective, efficient way. (Dragoni, L) Westside Health Systems must honor their employee’s rights, or else they could be subject to lawsuits, damaging the organization’s reputation, or hurting the employee morale. (Bohlander & Snell) It is the employer’s responsibility to discipline any employee that does not conduct themselves properly in the workplace. Discipline should consist of either a treatment that punishes orderly behavior in an organizational setting, or training that molds and strengthens desirable conduct- or corrects undesirable conduct- and develops self control. 2) In order to understand this disciplinary problem, the employer should investigate the problem, which Maryanne seems to have started to do. She should ask the questions what is the offense, did the employee know that he or she was doing something wrong, is the employee guilty, are there extenuating circumstances, has the rule been uniformly enforced, is the offense related to the workplace, and what is the employee’s past work record. (Dragoni, L) In the interviews conducted with Rhonda, Susan and Brenda, Maryanne has found answers to all of these questions. Susan assaulted a coworker, did
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assignment 6[1] - Assignment #6 1) Westside Health Systems...

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