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Basic script - o Design – how it looks – colours feel o...

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Agenda o Introductions o Sign release note o Fill in details o Give overview of the site – only very basic and say which functions are up and running o Time to play with the site and talk out aloud about what they are thinking– we observe and take notes on flows (Are students using it as expected? Are the flows messed up? Is it intuitive?) o Talk through our script questions below o Fill in the survey o Upload notes: o Digital upload on the demo o Handwritten fill in form for each set of notes and leave them to post back or collect tomorrow o Pay for research o Thanks! Basic script. Intro: we mostly want to hear about the problems (and the good bits) so feel free to be brutally honest. What are your first impressions of the site? What other internet sites would you compare to this in terms of:
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Unformatted text preview: o Design – how it looks – colours/ feel o Functionality o Excitement level o Interest factor • Was there anything you came across that turned you off the site? • What parts were awkward/ didn’t flow well? • In what ways did the site fall short of expectations? • In what ways did it exceed expectations? • Suggested improvements? • How would describe the site to a friend if forced to? • For students who have already been involved in the research, how does it compare to what you expected? • What did you think of the: o Registration process o Process to upload notes o Process to search for notes o Process of looking at notes • What other things would you expect to be able to do on the site? • Any other comments?...
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