Business Memo (revised)

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TO: Vice President, Human Resources FROM: Heidi Saiyo, Director, Training and Development SUBJECT: Report on Communication at Decco DATE: March 18, 2009 As you are aware of, up until a few months ago, our company, Decco, had always been operating under the bureaucratic model. During the past, the focus of the company had been placed upon organizational efficiency through the standardization of employee tasks and management procedures. Under such controlled work environment, where formality had been highly emphasized, no wonder that we all grew accustomed to standardized communication, formalized division of labor, and predictable hierarchical procedures. However, due to the typical recent trend of viewing bureaucracy as means of red tape, over-controlling bosses, and apathetic employees, management decided to undergo tremendous “de-bureaucratization” procedures during the last few months. Over the past months, the executive team had been struggling to redesign new organizational structure with the objective as to set a freer and more creative culture. They had been focusing on attacking the old bureaucratic features, tearing down the middle management, tossing out handbooks and manuals, and breaking the original hierarchical structures. Although I have to admit that their efforts had brought upon new energy to the company among the employees such
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Business Memo (revised) - TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: Vice...

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