Chapter7_OL - Chapter 7: Outline Performance appraisal-...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7: Outline Performance appraisal- process of assessing performance to make decisions (i.e. pay raises), focus is administrative uses of information Performance development- assessment of the performance with the goal of providing feedback to facilitate improved performance, focus is providing useful info to employees to enhance KSAOs Performance management- process that incorporates appraisal and feedback to make performance-based administrative decisions Performance v. effectiveness Should not be confused with each other Performance- what people actually do, can be observed Effectiveness- evaluation of the results of performance, beyond influence or control of individual (promotions in a year- affected by job openings) punishing or reacting to this is counterproductive Four major uses of performance appraisal information Enhance quality of organizational decisions- pay raises, promotions, discharges Enhance quality of individual decisions by employees- career choices, development of future strengths, trainings Can affect employees views of and attachment to the organization- if system successful can build commitment and satisfaction Provide a rational, legally defensible basis for personnel decisions- protect firm, documented, same legal standards as tests Using the results of performance appraisals o Personnel training- weakness can become targets for training, diagnostic aid, supportive o Wage and salary administration- determine raises, direct relationship, uncomfortable partners, supervisor must be counselor/coach as well as judge, must be separate, two different appraisals at different times o Placement- permanent assignment, talents useful in one area o Promotions- identify better performing employees, not only factor, but more defensible when large reason o Discharge- should be predicted on just cause, inadequate performance, fairness, job relatedness o Personnel Research- assessments of criterions based on these appraisals, Performance appraisal and the law Fair employment practices, ADA, lawsuits frequently relate Negligence- breach of duty to conduct appraisals with due care Defamation- disclosure of untrue unfavorable performance information...
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Chapter7_OL - Chapter 7: Outline Performance appraisal-...

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