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chapter 5 hace - Chapter 5 Hace Housing and...

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Chapter 5 Hace: Housing and Community -“housing is a durable physical product in a neighborhood setting” and “ingredient in family satisfaction or dissatisfaction and in a community’s sense of well being.” -The ecological approach considers housing, neighborhoods, and communities as functional entities and examines the interdependence b/w residents and their surrounding environments as well as the interrelationships among residents. It also relates the communiy’s physical features to the social situations in various neighborhood settings. -Planing approach is concerned with the physical layout of housing, stteets, sidewalks, open spaces and utility lines. Focuses on how physical environment supports neighborhood’s residents Defining Neighborhood and Community: Neighborhood- area in which people share certain common facilities necessary to domestic life Community- network of social interaction and bonding, based on mutual interests. -Researchers tend to favor geographic definitions because such definitions facilitate their use of census tracts or zip codes for isolating data.--- statistical neighborhoods -Social definitions incorporate residents’ perceptions of their neighborhoods— functional neighborhoods Community Development : -may refer to a new neighborhoods physical planning and development. History of Studying Neighborhoods and Communities From a Social Perspective : -As more people moved fro rural areas to cities, many researchers became deeply concerned about the negative effects of urban centers on families. ---As neighborhoods became denser people would no longer know wach other and the social ties that traditionally held people together would disintegrate. --Governments pressing need for low-cost husing. -Toward the end of the twentieth and into the twenty-first century, thanks to increasing visibility of homeless people and increasing violent crime, resurgence of interest in neighborhood and community effect on individuals and families Theoretical Approaches to Studying Social Aspects of Neighborhoods and Communities :
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-Wirth defined city as a large, dense, permanent settlement with socially and culturally heterogeneous people. Unique way of life, called
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chapter 5 hace - Chapter 5 Hace Housing and...

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