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ag ass3 - c Increases loss of soil particles d Has no real...

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1. Defoliation generally has the least severe effect on a grass plant in which period? a. during dormancy b. there is no most critical period c. in the period from seed formation to dormancy d. in the period from spring initiation of growth to seed formation e. in the spring when the plant first initiates growth 2. Which grazing factor has the most effect on how range plants will respond to grazing? a. intensity b. frequency c. timing d. grazing of surrounding plants 3. Which of the following is an effect of heavy grazing on grass plants? a. Decreased photosynthesis b. Increased carbohydrate reserves c. Increased root growth d. Increased seed production e. All are the effects of heavy grazing on grass plants f. None are the effects of heavy grazing on grass plants 4. Reduced vegetation cover from heavy grazing a. Increases water infiltration into soil b. Reduces overland flow of water over soil
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Unformatted text preview: c. Increases loss of soil particles d. Has no real effect on rangeland soils in most cases e. Has increased the amount of moisture in the soil 5. During what period in their annual cycle are perennial grass plants most vulnerable to heavy defoliation? Plants are considered to be most vulnerable to grazing damage when carbohydrates in the roots are not sufficient enough to initiate regrowth. With intense defoliation, the entire root system becomes smaller, shallower, and less branched. This affects the plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Eventually, with continued heavy grazing, the plant’s health declines to the point where death may occur. 6. What successional (seral) stage will best meet the nutritional needs of livestock and habitat needs of wildlife on most rangelands (particularly grasslands)? a. early seral b. mid seral c. late seral d. climax...
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