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agancient futures[1]

agancient futures[1] - the natural world of which they are...

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Everything has been done with care: o fields have been carved out of the mountainside and layered in immaculate terraces, one above the other; the crops are thick and strong and form such patterns that an artist might have sown their seeds. With only simple tools at their disposal, Ladakhis spend a long time accomplishing each task. Yet I found that the Ladakhis had an abundance of time. They worked at a gentle pace and had a surprising amount of leisure o Even during the harvest season, when the work lasts long hours, it is done at a relaxed pace that allows an eighty-year-old as well as a young child to join in and help The Ladakhi people exude a sense of well-being, vitality and high spirits. In terms of physique, almost everyone is trim and fit They breathe pure air, get regular and prolonged exercise, and eat whole, unrefined foods. Their bodies are no forced to accommodate materials alien to
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Unformatted text preview: the natural world of which they are a part. The food they eat is locally grown and organic, and until recently there was virtually no environmental pollution. • Ladakhis did not realize that money meant something very different for the foreigners; that back home they needed it to survive; that food, clothing, and shelter all cost money a lot of money. Compared to these strangers, the Ladakhis suddenly felt poor. • For them, work is physical work: ploughing, walking, carrying things. A person sitting behind the wheel of a car or pushing buttons on a typewriter doesn’t appear to be working. • It becomes clear that the traditional nature-based society, with all its flaws and limitations, was more sustainable, both socially and environmentally....
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