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Problem 1 a) A mixture enters from the top of a 2 m 3 tank at 5 kg/sec, and is simultaneously withdrawn at 3 kg/sec through a pipe at the bottom of the tank. The tank was initially half-full of the same mixture. This process is: (A) continuous, transient (B) semi-batch, transient (C) batch, steady-state (D) continuous, steady-state (E) depends on the mixture composition b) When a burn patient comes into the emergency room, they are immediately connected to an IV bag to replace fluids. Initially you must administer fluids at a high rate to replenish the fluids lost in the accident, and once the patient is stabilized you will administer at the same rate that the patient is losing fluids through evaporation from the skin. If you are interested in writing an accounting balance to determine the rate of IV fluid replacement during the initial period (immediately after arriving at the hospital), (i) Is the system open or closed? (circle one) (ii) Is the system steady state or transient ? (iii) Should an algebraic, differential, or integral balance be written on the system? (explain why below) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ c) A liquid flows through a pipe of inner diameter ( D ) 3 inches at a velocity ( u ) of 0.005 ft/sec. Its density ( ρ ) is 0.8 g/cm 3 and its viscosity ( μ ) is 0.5 centipoise (cP). The dimensionless Reynolds number ( Re = Du / μ ) is approximately: (A) 92 (B) 186 (C) 1503 (D) 11,288 (E) cannot be calculated Additional Information: 1 m = 39.37 in. = 3.281 ft
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Practice+exam+-+solutions - Problem 1 a) A mixture enters...

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