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Lecture for Local New -the guy who wrote it thought the humanities in medical school -for many people poetry is an artistic form that we pay respect to and not many people know anything about poetry -poetry is the oldest form of literature - It is not more than 4-500 years old - Poetry is a language that invites you and suggests certain images. A novel tries to point a picture of the world while a poem is more issues and moment oriented. Songs and figures also work with literature and they say far more than novel, it forces us to lets feelings arise, lets us think and let the emotions set in. It is very allusive. In modern poetry specially in English and French, starting in the 19 th , and 20 th century it became a far more plane language - In the way it is written there is a written structure
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Unformatted text preview: -There is white space-It is very short and very focused The poem called the:” The Red Wheelbarrow” If something is so important that the so much depends on it then why is it left in the rain? Or you can just say that it is not used in the narrative sense of the sentence, it is trying to get some attention on the wheel barrow. So, now lets find out why the local news is a work of poetry rather than fiction. The author is known not to write like this and most of the time he does write in the format that we expect him to writes in. Point in this book is that it makes us focus on things that we usually wouldn’t focus on! He makes the kitchen a place of ceremonial preparation....
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