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Chapter 6_The Concepts of Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 6_The Concepts of Interpersonal Communication -...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM107 Oral Communication: Principles and Practice The Concepts of Interpersonal Communication Steven D. Cohen Interpersonal Communication Communication takes place within a system We teach others how to treat us We communicate what and who we are Much of our interpersonal communication is an attempt at persuasion "I" vs. "Me" Selfperceived "I" Otherperceived "me" Reacting to imbalances Change based on evaluation Accept evaluation but don't change Resist evaluation Ignore evaluation Other Interpersonal Concepts Seeking approval Gaining compliance Emotions Power The ability to control what happens Cultural differences Types of power Expert power Referent power Reward power Coercive power Legitimate power Gender and Communication Sex vs. gender Different tendencies do exist Relationships Phases Economic model Communication Functional vs. dysfunctional Relational conflict Ending relationships Electronic Communication Benefits Drawbacks Privacy ...
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