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2.21 notes - Iraq o After World War I was split into North...

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HIST428V Notes 2.21 What spurred these reform movements? o Colonialism and Imperialism o British and French had divided up Middle East How could Islam be subjugated if Islam was the completion of Judaism and Christianity? After World War I, the French took over the region (Syria and Lebanon) o Took over under Psych’s Peeco secret treaty o King Faizl had council of reps from different Arab groups o Faizl descendent of Hashimites o Hashimites affiliated with British so when British liberated Damascus from Turks, Faizl became King o British made agreement with French and withdrew from that region Syria and Lebanon became more and more independent from French during 1930’s British got Palestine, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt in treaty Persia o Persian Empire o German and Russian influence there
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Unformatted text preview: Iraq o After World War I, was split into: North = Kurdish, Sunni Muslim Central = Sunni Muslim Baghdad = Mix of Sunni and Shiite South = Shiite o British ruled Iraq, but the Sunnis were favored even though they were the minority o A lot of anger against British, so put Faizl on Iraqi throne after he was deposed by French Was Sunni o This lasted until American invasion in 2003 when Shiites took their revenge o Ancient Jewish community dating back to 1 st temple, Babylonian exile o Jews were very important part of westernization process o Became Westernized and commercially active • Jordan created by League of Nations o British took western half, gave eastern half to Abdullah o Abdullah always believed he should have western half also...
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  • Sunni Muslim Baghdad, Sunni Muslim Central, British got Palestine, Peeco secret treaty, different Arab groups

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