Assignment 6 - Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Sociology...

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Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Sociology 116/Section 1A November 14, 2011 Assignment 6 Mark Hayward and Bridget Gorman’s article, “The Long Arm of Childhood: The Influence of Early-Life Social Conditions on Men’s Mortality”, seeks to show that the mortality of men is connected to various social conditions that they experience in childhood. These conditions include socioeconomic status, living arrangements, parental nativity, work status of mothers, and rural residence. To complete their research, Hayward and Gorman used the National Longitudinal Survey of Older Men (NLS) with a pool of 5000 respondents, but a sample of only 4,562 participants. This survey was nationally representative of men in America aged 45-59 in 1966. For 24 years, these men provided information on socioeconomic achievement, lifestyle, and mortality. This survey also contained questions about socioeconomic status and household characteristics when the person was in the mid-teens. Researchers were seeking to determine if these factors had
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Assignment 6 - Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Sociology...

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