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Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Section 1C (Morgan Wells) June 2, 2011 Residential Distribution of Whites in the Los Angeles and New York Regions Between 2000 and 2010 Based on United States Census data from 2000 and 2010, the attached maps show the residential distribution of those individuals who identified as “non-Hispanic white” in the Los Angeles and New York regions. Although the 2000 data demonstrates what Andrew Beveridge and Susan Weber argue in , it does not necessarily stand true ten years later. Their findings conclude that New York has come to bear a resemblance to Los Angeles because higher concentrations of non-minorities are moving away from the urban areas and out to the peripheries (Halle, 23). Looking at the 2010 data, Los Angeles appears to show a trend toward the New York School of Urban Sociology and New York continues on a trend toward the Los Angeles School, an interesting and ironic change. In the Los Angeles region, we still see the highest concentrations (80-100 percent) of white all along the peripheries. These regions, however, are beginning to decrease in white population. In 2000 there were 675 census tracts with an 80 to 100 percent white population. In 2010, that number dropped to 527. Specifically, we can see areas along the coast that are now down to 65-80 percent, and some that have dropped as low as 45-65 percent. It is safe to say that these areas are now becoming more highly concentrated with minority groups. When focusing on the areas near downtown Los Angeles, we see an interesting trend. Areas near downtown, East Los Angeles, and Huntington Park, most prominently, we notice a large increase in the concentrations of whites. The tracts in this area now tend
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paper 2 - Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Section 1C(Morgan Wells...

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