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Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Sociology 102 September 8, 2011 Take Home Final Paper Question 1 The “strength of weak ties” is significant both sociologically and theoretically. Sociologically, we can study social forces in which individuals are caught up. The strength of ties that individuals have depends on time, emotional intensity, intimacy, and reciprocal services. Thus, each individual is constrained by the strong, weak, and absent ties each has. This constraint is more influenced by the acquaintances—or weak ties—one has rather than the strong ties; Thus, the concept of the “strength of weak ties”. This is shown theoretically in Granovetter’s example of getting a job. Although one may think strong ties are more important due to willingness to help and availability, evidence shows that weak ties are more important. They tend to provide new, non-redundant information that strong ties cannot. Sociologically, we can see the stratification and inequality this creates. If an individual is lacking weak ties, they may find it harder to get new and better jobs. Therefore, these individuals have trouble with upward mobility in their jobs and in society. Granovetter studied the strength of weak ties by sampling job changers through a personal contact and how often they saw this contact around the time they received the job information. He concluded that most individuals received job information from someone marginally included in their network of contacts. These conclusions show that weak ties affect social cohesion. Another way of thinking sociologically about weak ties being strong is how this concept
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Final Paper - Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Sociology 102...

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