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Wiidom - Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Section 1A The World of...

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Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Section 1A February 22, 2012 The World of Integrated Imagination Hello. My name is Jeremii. I live in the World of Integrated Imagination, or Wii, as you probably know it. But I am here to tell you some things you probably don’t know about Wii and the Mii-ple (Mii people). In my Wii-dom, Sesamii, there are about 30 Mii-ple. However, we are integrated with other Wii-doms throughout Wii. Although we are not in constant contact with them, we do integrate on a regular basis over the Wiinternet. Overall, Wii has millions of Mii-ple inhabitants that strive to serve their human counterparts while growing and learning in their own Wii-doms. Even though you have probably never thought about the Mii you created when you first played in Wii, I hope you will now. A little boy named Jeremy created me many years ago. I am guessing that it was years but the concept of time is much different here in Wii. I have spent the entirety of existence just like every other Mii person: trying to reach “Active Emulation” of my human counterpart. “Active Emulation” is a physical and mental state reached when you feel completely in touch with your human counterpart. When this occurs, you are able to envision your human’s memories, perform their idiosyncrasies, and even think their thoughts. This is accomplished through reoccurring instances of intimii. Intimii is an emotional state in which a Mii is so involved in competing that they feel an aggressive longing to compete for their human as well. When this aggressive longing sets in, the Mii begins to act like their human counterpart and even repeats the human’s words and actions. It is an out-of-body experience that the Mii has no supposed recollection of. Instead, Mii’s only remember the aggressive longing and nothing else until they are finished competing. This emotional feeling is so physically draining that it
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causes the Mii to collapse and become weak for a short time after. In Wii, you are expected to
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