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Butler 1 Kayla Butler 203-706-009 Section 1J February 17, 2012 The Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week” Musical Description The Beatles’ song “Eight Days a Week” can be found on the Beatles for Sale album. It was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song was released in the UK on the Beatles for Sale album on December 4, 1964. Its US release was as an A-side single on February 15, 1965. The B-side track was “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party.” Gould states, “Eight Days a Week’ is the most exuberant track on the album and, indeed, one of the most exuberantly forthright love songs the Beatles would ever record” (p. 259-260). Even though the song was a number one hit in the US, it was never performed live. Now I will explain the musical elements. Form: Looking at the musical form of the song (attached) we can see the following: Intro, Verse 1, Refrain, Verse 2, Refrain, Bridge/Middle 8, Verse 3, Refrain, Bridge/Middle 8, Verse 4, Refrain, Outro. This song comes close to following the AABA form, however it includes a double bridge. We can also see that Verses 1/3 and Verses 2/4 are the same, respectively. The intro does not contain words, however the outro does. This song is a 12-bar blues because… Instrumentation and Texture: In this song, only John and Paul are singing. John takes the lead on this song, with Paul either harmonizing or singing in unison, depending on the part of the song. It differs from verse, refrain, and bridge. The general texture of the song contains the original Beatles line-up with John on rhythm acoustic guitar, Paul on bass, George on lead guitar, and Ringo on drums. There is also the use of handclaps throughout the song. In the verses they hit on the second and fourth beats. During the refrain there are double-claps following the “me’s.” For example, “Hold (clap) me (clap-clap), Love (clap) me (clap-clap).” It resumes the two and four beat rhythm at the end of the refrain and is non-existent in the middle 8. All four members participate but only John and Paul sing. There are no additional musicians involved in this song. The timbre of the voices and instruments in this song, although very Beatle-esque, are unique. The fade in intro of the guitar was new and different from the typical fade out at the end.
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Butler 2 This intro appears to have a triple meter feature but only on the bass line (it repeats in the outro as well). The rest of the instruments maintain the duple meter that is characteristic of the rest of the
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Eight Days a Week Musical Description - Butler 1 Kayla...

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