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Why the Israelis Don’t Care About Peace

Why the Israelis Don’t Care About Peace -...

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Why the Israelis Don’t Care About Peace?: An Analysis on Rhetoric In the article Why Israelis Don’t Care About Peace with Palestinians , in Time Magazine, the author, Karl Vick, tries to use rhetoric to convince the reader that the Israelis have stopped caring about peace with the Palestinians. He uses the tools of rhetoric very effectively. He has tremendous ethos and credibility on his side, which he does not use in his argument but it is assumed in his rhetoric that it should be respected. The pathos in the argument cannot be avoided, and he does address it, but he seems to be able to separate himself and his argument away from any bias or partialness. He uses a good deal of logos in his rhetoric, using quotes and statistics in his writing, which seems to be a very effective way of strengthening his rhetoric. The kairos in this article seems very controversial. Time and Mr. Vick, published the article on the Jewish holiday Rash Hashanah. Also there were peace talks when the article went to press. Claim made in this article is that the Israelis do not care about peace with Palestine anymore. He does not claim that the government has stopped actively trying for peace, but that the people of Israel as a whole have stopped caring. He claims that the Israelis, having avoided the global recession and having one of the most successful economies in the world, are living the good life despite the rest of the surrounding countries, especially Palestine, having their missiles aimed at them. His ethos is about as strong as you could ask for. Being a writer for Time Magazine, helps with his credibility tremendously. Time is the world’s largest weekly news magazine. It has an audience of 45 million people. Being a writer for a magazine that large and powerful means that they checked him out thoroughly and made sure he was the best. It also means that the article they put out could go either way. Because he is so high up in the organization and it is one of the world’s largest and most read magazine’s, they might have lost touch and aren’t producing the
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most scrutinized and best material, because they either have and audience they have to pander to or they have just to much content so they can’t produce the most high quality material anymore. The article was a cover story. This means that it might not be the most cold hard facts and most impartial article, because if it’s a cover story it needs to be sensational and catches the eye to sell magazines. Why Israelis Don’t Care About Peace is about as sensational as it gets. So the author and magazine might not have the best intentions and publishing the most truthful and honest of news and opinions. But you cannot argue that Vick is extremely credible and knows what he is talking about.
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Why the Israelis Don’t Care About Peace -...

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