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The nature of advertising work is of a typical working environment. Most advertising agencies and firms have offices. The day typically consists of sitting down, making calls and answering emails. There are a lot of meetings in the field, with teams being a large part of the work. The meetings usually consist of status reports on where you are in terms of the project you are currently working on and they also, consist of brainstorming within your team about ideas and what you can work with, as defined by your clients specifications. Another large part of the work is getting yourself out there and communicating heavily with your clients. You must be able to give good clear questions and be able to listen well so you can hear what your clients want. The workdays are long depending on where you are in your career and how badly you want to move ahead and succeed. It could last from a typical 9 to 5 or it could be 13 or 14-hour workdays. You must have some sort of creativity to be able to work in the advertising field. To be able to create aesthetically pleasing product packages and being able to create clever marketing ideas that can resonate and hit a chord with the client’s prospective customers. You must also be able to read numbers and statistics well, because as well as creating actual advertisement you must be able to read that data on the people you are trying to sell the product to the customer. Although degrees in marketing and advertising are definitely available they aren’t absolutely necessary for a career in advertising. My interviewee, for example, majored in mathematics at the University of Montana, and got an MBA at Northern Arizona University. He said thirty-five years ago when he graduated college advertising agencies weren’t as hung up on what you majored in as long as you obtained a degree they saw you as ready. While now they look much more into graduates that have either graduated with a major or minor in advertising and marketing. Having an internship before you enter the work force would be a major plus. They would love for you to have work experience in the field before you undertake a career in advertising.
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The typical starting job for an advertising career is being an advertising clerk. They file, go over data and crunch numbers, try and sell the advertising, and go over cost of doing certain types of advertising and where. They generally make about $38,000 as an average starting salary. The typical career path of an advertising career is one where you start at the bottom. You would typically start as an advertising clerk. They typical do all of the grunt work, computing costs of advertising, sending mail, filing and doing basically whatever the agency needs. Another beginning career in advertising is assistant account manager. Which entails of helping out the account managers with whatever they want in terms of the project at hand. You will advance through by being handed more responsibilities in terms of projects and be given more creative responsibilities. If you succeed you will tend to advance through you
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CareerPapers - The nature of advertising work is of a...

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