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JEDI Blocks- Politics Gress START Neg 2NC 1/ 2NC IMPACT CALC The Disad outweighs- Failure to ratify START guarantees global conflict after right-wing Russian elites ramp up their nuclear program in a response to the newly perceived US threat, in turn triggering runaway proliferation, nuclear terrorism, and increasing belligerence stemming from Iran, and North Korea- That’s Bergmann and Charap in ’10. We read you another piece of evidence from Colwell on 6/20 saying that START will be voted on in this Congress, giving it a timeframe within months. START is the glue that holds Russia-US relations together, that’s Guardian in 10, should it fail ratification those immediately deteriorate, triggering an arms race and nuke war. These imminent threats mandate that we avoid sapping Obama’s political capital. The nuclear supremacy of Russia and the US makes this the most likely scenario for nuclear war. Bergmann and Charap ‘10
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