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University of Kansas 1 Tournament 2009 File Title Risk 1AC Plan: The united States federal government should withdraw its military presence from the republic of korea. observation one is risk: The US has an obligation to withdraw its troops- current presence results in massive sex trafficking- we are responsible for these unethical actions Kirk and Francis 2000 (Gwyn Kirk and Carolyn Francis, “Redefining Security: Women Challenge US military policy and Practice in East Asia” Found on June 27, 2010 from Berkeley women’s law journal 15:229) In all three East Asian countries under discussion here, prostitution is officially forbidden but practiced under such euphemisms as the "hospitality industry" or "entertainment. " The SOFAs do not refer to military prostitution even indirectly. However, its existence is an important element in the "GI Towns" that contributes to a general atmosphere of disrespect and objectification of women. U.S. military commanders and administrators view sexual activity as one of their troops' basic needs . In "Central America, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Puerto Rico, the mainland United States, Germany, and Italy the Pentagon has operated as if prostitution were a necessary and integral part of U.S. military operations," suggesting that militarized masculinity requires regular sexual release. S2 Military prostitution is built into U.S. military operations-not as a perk, but as a necessary component. S3 Bases are refueling and repair depots for warships and planes; military personnel are also "refueled" by local women and girls. Host governments have agreed to allow the establishment of "recreation zones" near military bases or at military ports to be used by U.S. troops for R & R, or as it is sometimes jokingly called, I & I (intoxication and intercourse) .84 South Korea serves as a good demonstration of the impact of military prostitution. The U.S. military insists that women who work in the clubs, bars, and massage parlors of the "GI Towns" be tested regularly for sexually-transmitted diseases. 8s In South Korea, women must obtain a weekly ID number from an official clinic as proof of their "clean" health status before being allowed to enter such bars. 86 If they do not pass this test, they are quarantined until they do SO.81 As further protection for U.S. military personnel, clubs and bars that employ women without ID numbers are deemed off-limits by U.S. military officials. 88 The assumption is that the women are the source of sexually transmitted diseases, not the men.
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University of Kansas 2 Tournament 2009 File Title Once in the prostitution business, it’s impossible to leave and the women face physical, mental and financial abuse at the hands of the military Dujisin ‘09 [Zoltan, “Prostitution Thrives with U.S. Military Presence,” 7-7-09, Accessed on 6-27-10 at ( http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=47556 )] Several U.S. soldiers have married local prostitutes, in many cases impregnating them, only to later abandon them.
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Risk+Aff - University of Kansas Tournament 2009 1 File...

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