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Samford Debate Institute 1 Opening Packet South Korea NEG South Korea Neg Index
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Samford Debate Institute 2 Opening Packet South Korea NEG ***No North Korea-South Korea War (1nc Front-Line)*** Zero possibility of war on the Korean peninsula: Vijay Joshi , June 4, 20 10 (staff writer, Associated Press) “SKorea’s Lee sees no possibility of war with north.” Online. Internet. Accessed June 13, 2010 at South Korea's leader on Saturday ruled out going to war with North Korea , hours after his government asked the United Nations to punish the communist nation over the sinking of a warship. " There is absolutely no possibility of a full-scale war on the Korean peninsula, " President Lee Myung-bak told a group of businesspeople in Singapore. The meeting was closed to the media, and the comments were posted by Lee's spokesman, Park Sun-kyu, on the presidential website. "But occasionally, there has been locally peace-threatening behavior" from North Korea, Lee said, adding that "we will strongly suppress it." He did not elaborate. Turn: Weakening the US deterrent versus North Korea risks war: Robert Dujarric, 2009 . 5/29/2009 (Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies at Temple University). May 29, 2009. Online. Internet. Accessed April 10, 2010 at The best reaction to the DPRK's WMD program is to maintain a high level of deterrence by making sure that the United States has the visible ability to crush North Korea should Pyongyang choose the path of war. Deterrence worked against far more dangerous enemies—first and foremost the Soviet Union—and it has worked with North Korea for decades. Nukes and missiles do not radically alter the equation. The second task for Japan, the United States, and South Korea, along with China, is to think about how to manage unification if the regime in Pyongyang collapses, which could be tomorrow or many decades from now. Despite hostile rhetoric—no war risk—Kim Jong Il is effectively deterred: Doug Bandow , June 11, 20 10 (senior fellow @ CATO Institute) “Confronting North Korea: Who’s in charge?” Online. Internet. Accessed June 13, 2010 at There never would be a good time for instability in North Korea . The heavily armed regime continues with its nuclear program. It has been pulling back in its modest economic liberalization of recent years. In April the DPRK apparently sank the Cheonan, a South Korean warship, the North’s first deadly act of war in more than two decades. Since then the Republic of Korea has cut economic ties and barred Pyongyang’s ships from South Korean waters. The North reciprocated by closing, or at least saying that it intended to close, the Kaesong industrial park, in which ROK companies employ North Korean workers. Hostile rhetoric has filled the air, but no one really wants war. Although the DPRK has made
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South-Korea-Negative---Starter-Pack---Samford - Samford...

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