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SCFI - Afghanistan Aff - SCFI 2010 The Goonies Afghanistan...

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SCFI 2010 Afghanistan Aff The Goonies ___ of ___ 1 AC Observations 1 is Inherency The current situation in Afghanistan is impossible to win. Stewart 09 7/10/09, Rory Stewart, Daily Telegraph “Afghanistan: a war we cannot win,” Every Afghan ruler in the 20th century was assassinated, lynched or deposed . The Communist government tried to tear down the old structures of mullah and khan; the anti-Soviet jihad set up new ones, bolstered with US and Saudi cash and weapons from Pakistan. There is almost no economic activity in the country, aside from international aid and the production of illegal narcotics. The Afghan army cannot, like Pakistan's, reject America's attempt to define national security priorities; Afghan diplomats cannot mock our pronouncements. Karzai is widely criticized, but more than seven years after the invasion there is still no plausible alternative candidate; there aren't even recognizable political parties. Obama's new policy has a very narrow focus – counter- terrorism – and a very broad definition of how to achieve it: no less than the fixing of the Afghan state. Obama combines a negative account of Afghanistan's past and present – he describes the border region as ''the most dangerous place in the world'' – with an optimism that it can be transformed. He assumes that we have a moral justification and obligation to intervene, that the US and its allies have the capacity to address the threat and that our global humanitarian and security objectives are consistent and mutually reinforcing. Policy- makers perceive Afghanistan through the categories of counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, state-building and economic development. These categories are so closely linked that you can put them in almost any sequence or combination. You need to defeat the Taliban to build a state and you need to build a state to defeat the Taliban. There cannot be security without development, or development without security. If you have the Taliban you have terrorists, if you don't have development you have terrorists, and as Obama informed the New Yorker : "If you have ungoverned spaces, they become havens for terrorists ." Only a handful of troops will leave Afghanistan in 2011 Chattanooga Times Free Press 09 ( “Gates: Only 'handful' of troops would leave Afghanistan in 2011 December 7” WASHINGTON -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates denied Sunday that President Barack Obama had set an exit strategy for Afghanistan, and he forecast only a "handful" of U.S. troops may leave the country in July 2011, when a withdrawal is to begin. Gates appearing on television news programs with other senior U.S. officials, said the Obama administration intended to maintain its commitment to Afghanistan, while gradually shifting security responsibilities to the central government."This is a transition," Gates said on ABC's "This Week." "We are not talking about an abrupt
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SCFI - Afghanistan Aff - SCFI 2010 The Goonies Afghanistan...

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