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SCFI - Condition CPs - SCFI 2010 Team Jabob and the STGs...

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SCFI 2010 Conditions CP Team Jabob and the STGs Conditions CPs 1
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SCFI 2010 Conditions CP Team Jabob and the STGs Afghan Conditions CP 1NC CP Text: The United States federal government should condition its withdrawal from Afghanistan upon guaranteed security of the Central Asian pipeline A. US is only in Afghanistan because of energy resources, conditioning withdrawal upon security of the energy pipeline solves Khan 10 , Iftekhar A Khan, International News, 7/7/2010, If you wish to converse [ negotiate ] with me, said Voltaire, define your terms . All negotiations and deals are based on specific terms, as was the infamous NRO that exonerated so many corrupt and placed them in positions of unrivalled affluence. The deal was an acorn planted to raise a great oak of corruption in nation's history. It's doing well, thank you. In the context of Afghanistan imbroglio, there're two major contenders: one, the US – master surveyor of earth resources, which has its stakes not only in Afghanistan but the world over wherever resources to grab abound; and two, people of Afghanistan, call them Taliban, Islamists, extremists, obscurantist, whatever. The US has so far poured $300 billion in the scorched land. Reportedly, 90 per cent of it has gone to finance the US military operations while only 10 per cent spent on infrastructure. It speaks for the much-touted development in the country. However, after sacking two top generals midway – David McKiernan and Stanley McChrystal – sinking billions of dollars and spilling blood of their own troops besides killing thousands of wretched Afghans in a decade-long war, the invaders mull over withdrawing. NATO's new commander, Gen Petraeus, prefers calling withdrawal a process, not an exit, which is fine and dandy. It's quite clear the superpower attacked Afghanistan not for purging it of nebulous Al Qaeda, terrorism, extremism etc. but for its geographical proximity to energy reserves around the Caspian Sea, which the superpower wanted to control for its future use and deny to other regional powers. The US military deploys in almost all oil-producing states in the Gulf. Writer Tariq Ali terms these states US petrol pumps in the Middle East, while defence analyst Eric Margolis calls the US military there pipelines protection troops. The Central Asian states will now serve the US as its new petrol pumps in the region. The anticipated route of oil and gas pipelines from CAS is Afghanistan-FATA-Balochistan (Gawadar), an arc inhabited by tribes of diverse ethnicities, most of them virulently hostile to foreign occupation. That's why the likely route of communication of energy resources is the theatre of fierce fighting. By a sinister logic, the locals resisting the foreign forces are called 'insurgents' in their own homeland; invaders could then be the peacekeepers. Exploration of energy resources and laying and protecting pipelines in an inhospitable region of the world is the predicament the superpower faces. Who will guarantee the
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SCFI - Condition CPs - SCFI 2010 Team Jabob and the STGs...

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