SCFI - Midterms DA - SCFI 2010 Team Jabob & the STGs...

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SCFI 2010 Midterms ___ of ___ Index 1 “I’m going to keep judging you by the way you look”
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SCFI 2010 Midterms ___ of ___ Explanation (Great Summary from Emory National Debate Institute) Congress has a major election coming up in November. Every single member of the House of Representatives is up for election and 36 of the Senate seats up for election as well. This is an important part of the democratic process because obviously President Obama can get more things done if there are a bunch of Democrats in congress with him instead of a bunch of Republicans that disagree with his general governing philosophy. Currently the Senate has 57 Democrats, 2 independents, and 31 Republicans. The House currently has 256 Democrats, 178 Republicans, and last time I checked one vacant seat. It takes 217 seats to have a majority in the House. UNIQUENESS – Right now the Republicans are going to win a bunch of seats in both the House and the Senate. Historically, the President who is elected loses seats for his party the following November. So, since Obama is a democrat the democrats stand to lose a number of seats. The question is really how many will they lose. The uniqueness for the disad argues that the Democrats will lose a good number but will ultimately be able to keep their majority of more than 217. The majority is important since they are in the majority they can all just agree on something and pass it even if the Republicans don’t like it. The Senate will still stay in the majority of the democrats. Given how few seats are up for election [36] few people think that the Republicans will be able to get a majority in that part of congress. LINK – Plan is a decrease in our military. That decreasing the force of our military is what many people would refer to as a “weak national security strategy.” Obama, as a result of such a policy, would lose some of the critical support he needs in the midterms. Many of the voters who may still be leaning towards supporting the Democrats may switch their votes – OR just simply not vote anymore – because the Democratic party is seen as jeopardizing America’s national security. Losing some seats in the House and the Senate means that the Republicans might get the majority as a result of the “weak national security” image Obama would be displaying so close to the election. IMPACT – If the Democrats lose their majority then there is no chance that the republicans will pass legislation to help combat global warming. Most Republicans don’t even admit that global warming is a problem. The U.S., as the largest economy in the world and the most influential country, needs to act on warming so that other countries start to act as well. Warming could be really really bad for the planet as it would possibly make it impossible for humans to survive if it got hot enough that it started messing up our ability to grow food, the oceans began to rise, or countries began to fight
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SCFI - Midterms DA - SCFI 2010 Team Jabob & the STGs...

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